Lisa Dudzik & KAHRAMAA Awards $300m Pipeline Project to HLG

As a contracts and claims manager for the construction industry, I have worked for various clients from different industries. I have also traveled to several parts of the globe, from the Middle East to Europe and all the way to Asia, both for business and pleasure. This is Lisa Dudzik, by the way. My projects come in all types and sizes, and each one of them holds a special place in my heart—because there’s nothing like seeing all your hard work put to good use, that of providing people with designs and infrastructure that will make their life a little bit easier and comfortable.

Out of all the projects that I’ve worked on, the ones that I particularly like are infrastructure construction because I know how important infrastructure is for the public. And in my opinion, infrastructure construction is a testament to a country’s progress.

Qatar, for instance, has been busy developing various infrastructures to better serve its people. And with its booming economy, its utilities infrastructure is experiencing a boost as well. Case in point is the ongoing pipeline installation for Doha’s Mega Reservoir Corridor project.

To give you a brief background about what this particular mega project is, please read below.

Mega Reservoir Project

KAHRAMAA, Qatar’s general electricity and water company, has taken on the huge task of constructing five potable water mega reservoir sites and an interconnecting network of large water pipelines. The mega reservoir project aims to provide a storage facility for potable water that’s good enough to hold a seven-day supply.

There are two phases of the project, with the first one being the construction of the five mega reservoirs, while the second phase will see the construction of additional reservoirs within the five mega reservoirs.

This mega reservoir project was undertaken to address future water demand. With Qatar’s continuous growth and progress, water demand is projected to considerably increase. This ambitious mega project aims to address the increased demand.

Habtoor Leighton Group

The Habtoor Leighton Group (HLG)is one of the leading diversified international contractors in the Middle East. Their areas of expertise include design, construction and installation of pipelines, and as such, they were tapped by KAHRAMAA to install pipelines for two sections of the Mega Reservoir Corridor project.

The projected cost for the pipeline project is a staggering $300m, which brings the total value of HLG-commissioned projects in 2014 to $2bn.

HLG will supply and install 120km of 1600mm diameter ductile iron pipes and fittings as well as undertake the task of testing the functionality and reliability of the pipelines once installed.

KAHRAMAA and HLG established a working dynamic that makes their team-up the most viable and logical option for the mega reservoir pipelines. This latest project is the fifth one both companies partnered on, bringing the total value of projects commissioned to HLG by KAHMARAA to approximately $600m.

I will be giving you updates of the project as they become available so make sure to check back for those. In the meantime, I invite you to visit the rest of the website to learn more about me and my work, as well as Qatar’s growth and development.