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For Lisa Dudzik, one of the best parts about her job is being able to travel to different countries. Learning about different cultures, meeting new people, discovering new cuisines, and being able to do a job that she loves—what more can one ask for? Lisa Dudzik, Perth contracts and claims manager, is currently in Doha, Qatar for a construction project she’s overseeing. Before she traveled to Qatar, she made sure to read up on the Gulf state’s culture, customs, and religion. She wanted to make sure that she won’t do anything to offend the state and its people.

That said, Lisa Dudzik perth shares the top three most important things you need to know about Qatar to get you prepared for your trip here.

1. Dress appropriately

Qatar is an Islamic country that follows strict traditions and customs. They are quite strict about showing skin, particularly for women. Women should always wear clothes that cover their shoulders and short skirts should be avoided, especially in public. The dress code is strictly implemented even while you are inside a car.

There is also a dress code for entering bars and restaurants in major hotels. For women, it’s basically the same as above—dress modestly. For men, no slippers, sandals or any open-toe footwear; shorts, caps, over-sized clothing, sportswear, and large chains are allowed.

2. Alcohol consumption in public is strictly prohibited

Don’t be surprised if you don’t find any stand-alone bars or restaurants that offer alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is generally only served in hotel bars and restaurants, and even there, female Qataris are prohibited from entering.

There is one liquor store from which to purchase alcoholic beverages, the Qatar Distribution Center; but you will need to obtain a license to purchase. Lisa Dudzik of Perth, WA shares that license requirements include a written letter from your employer, a residency permit, and a deposit of QR1000. Carrying alcohol in public is prohibited unless you are going from the liquor store to your apartment (you’ll need to show your license to purchase if you get stopped by the authorities).

In addition, Lisa Dudzik also reminds travelers that bringing alcohol into the country is strictly prohibited.

3. Always use your right hand

Qataris consider the left hand as “the dirty hand,” and as such, they will consider it an affront if you shake hands with them using your left hand or if you eat in their presence with your left hand. If you’re handing over a package, giving directions, or basically you need to use your hands in public for something, always use your right hand.

Stay tuned for more Qatar travel tips and advice from Lisa Dudzik of Perth, WA.

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