Qatar’s Mega Infrastructure Projects

Lisa Dudzik has over 18 years of experience as a contracts and claims manager for the construction industry. She has helped clients from various parts of the world procure and manage construction projects to make sure that these are completed within the scheduled time frame. She has been to parts of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for work and also a bit of R&R.

Lisa is particularly interested in large-scale infrastructure projects, and as a matter of fact, she has worked on a few mega projects herself, from high-traffic subways and railways to roads and highways. Taking on such huge projects is a challenge that she is always up for.

With her fascination for mega infrastructure projects, she is always on the lookout for such projects in various countries, with a special interest in places that she’s been lucky enough to visit.

This site is dedicated to infrastructure development in Qatar. Here, she talks about the various projects already underway as well as those that are included in the country’s plans.

Below are some of these.

1. Doha New Port. This $7.4bn project covers an area of 26.5 square kilometers with 4.5 square kilometers of it allocated for Qatar’s naval base as well as a new canal for the country’s Economic Zone 3. According to project’s executive director Nabeel Mohamed al-Buenain, the project is way ahead of schedule and may be operational by 2020, a decade earlier than the projected time of completion.

2. 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadiums. This project is just one of the many milestones that Qatar will be celebrating sometime soon. Budget allocation for the stadiums was originally pegged at $4bn but whether or not the budget stays remains to be seen as the number of stadiums to be built for the 2022 FIFA World Cup has not yet been determined.

3. Msheireb Downtown Doha. This mega project is the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project. Developers for this project has taken on the huge task of redeveloping, regenerating, and conserving Doha’s historical district. Allocated budget for this is an astounding QR20bn. Once completed, the site will feature office and retail spaces, leisure facilities, high-end apartments, hotels, museums, and various entertainment venues and facilities.

Additionally, a dedicated tramways service will be provided for commuters and an underground parking facility with several basement levels will likewise be provided for cars and traditional services.

These are but a few of the projects that Lisa Dudzik is excited about. There are several others worth mentioning here like the Lusail Project which is envisioned to be a new city that will be providing homes to some 200,000 residents and the Sharq Crossing which will be comprised of three interconnecting bridges (connected by subsea tunnels).

Other mega projects will be discussed further in upcoming posts so be sure to watch out for those as well. To learn more about Qatar and its infrastructure, construction, scope of projects and other construction-related topics, we invite you to visit the rest of the website.